DNP3 protocol of PTR131

The number of digital substations is increasing all over the world. For this reason, the PTR131 protection relay has been enhanced to include the DNP3 protocol. Read more about this improvement here.

PTR131: compact protection relay

PTR131 is one of the HAFEZ series of protection relays. It is manufactured by ESFA Group. This multifunctional relay is used to protect the MV feeder, asynchronous motor, distribution transformer, and PCC. PTR131 is designed and type-tested according to the IEC60255 standard.

Why PTR131?

The PTR131 is one of the most successful digital protection relays on the market. There are more than 1000 units in use. Our customers have been more than satisfied with its unique features, novel protection algorithms, and reliable operation.

How the DNP3 protocol of 131 helps

The DNP3 protocol in the HAFEZ series of protection relays is built based on the IEC61850 data model. This means that all data objects and class events are derived from the IEC 61850 data model and configurations. Refer to the PTR131 manual for more information on the dataset.

Compared to older protocols such as Modbus, DNP3 has significant features that make it more robust and efficient. DNP3 is highly standardized, with a high degree of compatibility and interoperability between devices from a wide range of different manufacturers.

Digital substations will be more efficient in terms of communication between them and the control center. They communicate based on IEC 61850. DNP3 is used in the MV network more often than other protocols due to the features mentioned above. DNP3 protocol is supported by PTR131. It communicates with other devices or sends data to the control center.


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Empowering the Future
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